Futures Unlimited, Inc. provides services to individuals with disabilities and their families that reside in Livingston County. While some of our individuals are self-sufficient and have the capacity to live and work alone, others require continuous care and attention. The needs of their families vary as well. Our services are designed to meet the needs of those across the spectrum, fostering independence and providing opportunities to achieve success in their communities.

Futures Unlimited, Inc. has maintained the highest level of CARF Accreditation since 1983.

Community Day Services program (formerly known as Developmental Training) empowers individuals to enrich their life experiences by creating educational, social, and work opportunities. We provide daily services to adults with developmental disabilities desiring training in a variety of life skills and participation in many community experiences. Training may include:  communication skills, work skills, daily living skills, social skills, academic skills, and health and safety skills.

Persons in this program may also participate in a variety of work and volunteer experiences, at the agency and in the community. All services and experiences are planned according to your needs and choices. Learn More


This training program emphasizes the development of skills and work habits to prepare individuals for work in the community. A variety of services are available to assist toward this goal. Each person is assigned a Service Coordinator who assists them in developing job related goals. The Service coordinator can also provide referrals to other community services as needed.  Learn More

The purpose of Futures Unlimited, Inc. Community Integrated Living Arrangement (CILA) Program is to provide individuals from Livingston County with the training, assistance, and support they need to live as independently as possible in our community.  The intention is to provide residential stability to persons living either in a home of their choice or the natural family home.  An array of services is provided to each individual, based on individual needs and desires.  All components of the program are designed to promote independence in daily living, economic self-sufficiency, and community integration. Learn More

Home-Based Support Services

Home-based Support is a program for persons with developmental disabilities who live on their own or with family and is promoted as a more affordable option to 24-hour residential services. Specific services are selected based on the needs and preferences of the individual and can include support workers for daytime, evening and weekend needs, participation in Developmental Training programs, job coaching, assistive technology, home health care, etc. Each individual or family selects specific services and hires staff as needed, with funding provided through the Department of Human Services.