Community Day Services

(formerly Developmental Training)

The mission of the Community Day Services program is to empower individuals to enrich their life experiences by creating educational, social, and work opportunities. In our Community Day Services program, daily services are provided to adults with developmental disabilities desiring training in a variety of life skills and participation in many community experiences. Training may include: communication skills, work skills, daily living skills, social skills, academic skills, and health and safety skills.

Persons in this program may also participate in a variety of work and volunteer experiences, at the agency and in the community. All services and experiences are planned according to your needs and choices.      


Torrance Ave main entry pic

Torrance Center
210 East Torrance Ave.
Pontiac, IL

This main training center has been operating since July 1, 1970. The original site served 16 individuals. Now serves 84 individuals. The Community Day Services program provides services to individuals with mild to profound intellectual disabilities. These services include classes, community activities, work and volunteer opportunities. Classes focus on life skills, socialization, self-advocacy, communication, and special interests.


The Mary Beth Taylor Learning Center (MBTLC)
Pontiac, IL

This site is an extension of our Community Day Services. Individuals spend their day in a spacious layout to maximize freedom of movement and choice of activities. Experiences at MBTLC include cooking, crafts, and listening to stories and music. Individuals can enjoy the outdoors and frequently utilize community businesses and the public library and parks. The Learning Center opened for services in March of 2005 and is named after Mary Beth Taylor who served as Executive Director of Futures Unlimited Inc. from 1989 to 2004.

Dwight Learning Center (DLC) Building Pic

Dwight Learning Center
401 W. Waupansie
Dwight, IL

This facility was established to meet the needs of individuals residing in the Dwight community. The Community Day Services that are provided at our Pontiac facilities are duplicated here.


Individuals in Community Day Services spend a good deal of time out in the community where they might be volunteering, shopping or going to museums and other sites for fun and education. They also have class opportunities at our Community Day Services sites where they might learn about and discuss history, science, fun and talents, health and wellness. Many individuals also work closely with staff on their own goals to become more independent in living skills such as dealing with their money, social skills and improving their vocabulary.

"1:1's are important because it is time spent working on each client's individual goals." -Melissa M.


LCAA: Livingston County Advocates in Action is a club that speaks up and speaks out for their rights and the rights of others that can't speak for themselves. 
Loomineers:  a club that works on making rugs, potholders and other items out of recycled clothing using sewing machines, a cutting wheel, and the loom.