Production Services


Futures Unlimited, Inc. has a flexible workforce that can fulfill the labor service needs of you and your customers. Our focus is quality and speed, ensuring only the best for our customers.

Some of our services: 

  • Light assembly 
  • Packaging
  • Labeling     
  • Heat Sealing
  • Bulk Mailing
  • Shipping

Futures Unlimited, Inc. can provide what you need to expand your current operations.  We can provide flexible scheduling and short turn-around time while focusing on quality.  We are certified to ISO 9001:2015 by TÜV Rheinland, our procedures ensure your quality requirements are met.  


Quality System Policy Statement:

Futures Unlimited, Inc. is committed to providing the highest level of quality, dependability and efficiency.  We are dedicated to this approach to Quality based on the following principles:

Customer Focus:  We are committed to understanding our customers’ needs and providing them with high-Quality services, conforming to their requirements and striving to exceed their expectations.

Leadership:  Top Management is committed to maintaining a working environment where people are fully involved in achieving our objectives.

Engagement of People:  We recognize that people are our most important resource.  We encourage their full involvement in order to develop their abilities, benefitting both the individual and the organization.

Process Approach:  We understand that a desired result is achieved more efficiently if activities and resources are managed as a process or series of inter-related processes.

Improvement:  We are committed to continual improvement of the services that we provide and to the effectiveness of our Quality Management system.

Evidence-based decision making:  We are committed to making decision following analysis of relevant information and data.

Relationship Management:  We will seek to develop mutually beneficial relationships to improve Quality, leading to improved reliability, service and efficiency.

Certification:  Our Quality Management System is externally audited and has been certified to ISO 9001:2015 by TÜV Rheinland.