2018 Golf Outing

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Holiday shutdown

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We will be doing a Holiday shutdown again this year. Our last day of operations before the holidays will be 12/22/17 and we will reopen as usual on 1/2/18. You might see some activity during that week at our Torrance Ave site due to Production or Administrative needs but our offices and Developmental Training Programs at the main building and satellite sites will be closed.

From all of us to all of you, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Mark your calendars...

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The Encore Shoppe

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The Encore Shoppe
Since 1971, the Encore Shoppe operated as a training site 
to give individuals with disabilities 
the skills needed to obtain retail experience 
and employment within the community. 
Thank you to the customers and community members who have 
supported The Encore Shoppe over the past 46 years. 

2017 Golf Outing Raffle

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2017 Golf Outing - Friday June 16

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2016 Christmas Letter

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Breakfast with Santa

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Quality of Life Research Study

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Letters were sent to parents/caregivers/guardians of persons served by our Developmental Training Programs regarding the Quality of Life Research Study being done by Wheaton College and Vanderbilt University in Illinois and Tennessee. If you are the parent or primary caregiver/legal guardian of an individual of any age with an intellectual disability you can take the online survey at:
More information can be found in the flyer posted below.

FUI begins gofundme Campaign

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Click here to go to our gofundme campaign: Building OUR Futures

"Building OUR Futures; One Brick at a Time"

Futures Unlimited was founded in 1970 to serve individuals with disabilities develop the skills needed to live and work successfully in their community.  Futures provides vocational training, job placement, community supports, home based support services, community integrated living arrangements,  job coaching, supported employment and  life skills training to over 380 individuals annually within Livingston County. We have a transportation system of 27 vehicles that log over 280,000 miles a year.

After nearly a decade without any increase from the State of Illinois and the lack of a complete State Budget, help is needed to maintain our buildings and replace equipment. This has forced us to make drastic cuts in programs, staffing, and other expenses not critical to our mission. After years of temporary fixes, funds are needed to replace the roof on our vocational building that provides job training and contract work to many. Our production equipment, like our forklift, is outdated and needs to be replaced. Agency vehicles that are over 14 years old need to be replaced to provide a safe transportation system to and from work for some of our individuals. There have been many items on the "wish" list for years that remain incomplete because we continue to wait on funds to make the necessary repairs.

With your help, we will be able to make the needed repairs and replacements to our buildings and equipment. By providing a donation, you continue to help us enhance the lives of individuals with disabilities by providing a safe work and learning environment.
We are extremely grateful to all the individuals who support our agency and our mission. Together we can continue to "Build our Future" at Futures Unlimited, One Brick at a Time.

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