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Whats Happening on Torrance




Life Long Learningis a class that provides consumers with science-based lessons and activities

Independent Livingis a class that provides consumers with independent skills through lessons and activities. 

Fun & Talents/Health & Wellnessis a class that provides consumers with both crafts and exercise through lessons and activities.

1:1's: Clients work one at a time with one staff member to build knowledge in money skills, social skills, vocabulary skills, etc. 
"1:1's are important because it is time spent working on each client's individual goals."    -Melissa M.


Popcorn Fridays: 
We offer popcorn every Friday for 25 cents a bag, occasionally having a free popcorn day! 

"It offers everyone time to visit with each other and celebrate the end of the work week... so we can kick start our weekends." -Tommi T. 

Healthy Snack Bar: A variety of healthy, affordable snacks are available to purchase at the end of the day every Wednesday.  


We work at different jobs here and in the community during the day. 

Torrance AveMany of us work on SeedBallz every day and we sometimes work on other production tasks. We help out after lunch with cleanup and take care of janitorial duties around our part of our main building. We are conscious to help the environment by recycling too! We help keep up on laundry and dishes.

Community: We roll and deliver Livingston County Shopping News. Some of us have jobs in the community through the Community Contracts Program or get coaching in our jobs through the Supported Employment Program.


LCAA: Livingston County Advocates in Action is a club that speaks up and speaks out for their rights and the rights of others, that can't speak for themselves. 

Tech Club a club that gathers to make/update the Developmental Training section of the Futures Unlimited website

Girls Only/Guys Only: are clubs designed for men and women that plan special events just for their specific group. 
"Sometimes we do their nails or just do what the ladies want to do!"    -Vicki R.
"Guys only is a gentleman club where we talk about manly things!"    -Jerry W.

Loomineers:   a club that works on making rugs and potholders out of recycled clothing using sewing machines, a cutting wheel, and the loom. 

Peace Mealsis a service that provides people in the community with a hot meal. It is a fun way to be able to help people and get out in the community. 

Food Pantryis when we help deliver the food needed to stock and resupply the shelves at the local food pantry.

Ringing the Bellis when we ring a bell to raise money for the Salvation Army.