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Developmental Training

Our main training center in Pontiac has been operating since July 1, 1970. The original site served 16 individuals. Today, the current site on 210 East Torrance Ave., now serves 84 individuals. The Developmental Training program provides services to individuals with mild to profound intellectual disabilities. These services include classes, community activities, and work and volunteer opportunities. Classes focus on life skills, socialization, self-advocacy, communication, and special interests; coordinating activities such as field trips and shopping provide opportunities for community integration.

The Mary Beth Taylor Learning Center (MBTLC) is an extension of our Developmental Training services.

Persons receiving services at The Learning Center, like those receiving services at our main facility, benefit from individual training opportunities. Individuals spend their day in a spacious layout to maximize freedom of movement and choice of activities.

Experiences at MBTLC include cooking, crafts, and listening to reading and music. Individuals can enjoy the outdoors and frequently utilize community businesses and the public library and parks.

The Learning Center opened for services in March of 2005. The new site offered a quieter, less crowded setting for those who would benefit from such an environment.

The Learning Center was named after Mary Beth Taylor who served as executive director of Futures Unlimited Inc. from 1989 to 2004.

Located in Dwight, Illinois the Dwight Learning Center was opened in Fall of 2007. This facility was established to meet the needs of individuals residing in that community. The services that are provided at our Pontiac facilities are duplicated here.

Another need of the Dwight community was met when Futures Unlimited, Inc. opened its second location in Dwight   A previous service provider had closed its doors and there was a need to provide services to individuals in the community who had previously attended the closed facility. In May 2009, Futures Unlimited, Inc. opened the Futures Opportunity Center .

In 2014, Futures Unlimited, Inc. purchased a building in Dwight that provided more room and possibilities for customization and combined the two Dwight Programs into one Dwight Learning Center.